Enter addresses more quickly and accurately by only having to enter the ZIP Code, allowing the ZipAddressing feature to fill in the City, State, and Country Code automatically.

The monthly KampDatabase containing ZIP code, FIPS code and place name data files is included in DynamicZip and ZipAddressing subscriptions and annual maintenance.

ZipAddressing can auto-fill the City, State and Country fields whenever a user enters or changes an address's ZIP Code in the following Microsoft Dynamics® GP windows:

  • Customer Maintenance
  • Customer Address Maintenance
  • Invoice Ship To Address Entry
  • Sales Ship To Address Entry
  • Sales Prospect Maintenance
  • Vendor Maintenance
  • Vendor Address Maintenance
  • Purchasing Ship To Address Entry
  • IV Site Maintenance

Management of existing address cards:

Available options:


          ZipAddressing Requirements

ZipAddressing requires Microsoft Dynamics® GP.

Canadian addresses are not included but can be purchased separately.